4 Reasons Why Freelancers Must Use Linkedin.

As a freelancer, my job is to find high-ticket clients. When I started freelancing, I used to work as a freelance content writer.

My first client was a Canadian digital marketer. I used to write long-form blog posts for his website. He pays me around $15 per 1000 word blog post.

From that day till today, I’m a full-time freelancer on Linkedin. All my client network comes through Linkedin connections without spending a dollar.

All thanks to Linkedin!

Although there are other freelancing platforms to land your gig, when I deep dive into Linkedin, I came across these four amazing factors, which makes Linkedin stand as an authority in the freelancing market.

1. Linkedin as a freelancing platform.

Most of us are familiar with freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, people per hour, etc.

When I compare this platform with LinkedIn, I think LinkedIn is far ahead for freelancers, irrespective of getting new clients and expanding their network.

You might be wondering how?

If I take an example of Upwork, they charge directly 20% of the entire amount you get paid from the client.

If a client paid you $100 for a project, Upwork cuts $20 as their commission and you end up getting $80. Same in the case of other freelancing platforms.

You are doing 100% of hard work for your client, and this freelancing platform gives you 80% of the money of your 100% efforts.

That looks unfair!

In 2021, LinkedIn launched its new freelancing platform as Linkedin Marketplace, like other freelancing platforms in the market.

Then why not grab the opportunity?

Linkedin marketplaces are brand new in the freelancing space. Before it got saturated, unlike other freelancing platforms, be the first on it.

In the case of the Linkedin marketplace, it is free for freelancers and has over 250 freelancing services. The newbie freelancer gets an extra edge here.

2. Transparency

The great part about Linkedin is, it is so transparent. Whenever we visit anyone’s Linkedin profile, we come across all the achievements they have achieved in their entire life.

Like, which school/college they studied in, what skill they have, what are projects they worked on, what are their certifications, things like that.

Once you scan a profile in your mind, you can build a persona of that person about how he is the right fit for you.

Example:- Suppose I’m a digital marketer, I’m looking for an e-commerce site owner, after scanning a person’s profile a bit, I came across the conclusion that “Ok, this guy might need my marketing services, I need to approach him.” And just Dm them, It’s that simple!

3. Relevant connections

You might have received random messages like reducing your weight or something like that.

Like sometimes I get messages to reduce your fat, but that’s not relevant for me. The person who is sending me a message doesn’t know about me.

Example: If I’m trying to sell a service to a company, I will make a connection with the recruitment manager of the company to whom I wanna reach out to.

That’s how I can find a relevant connection with the people which I wanted to connect with.

4. Organic Reach

Getting organic reach on social media is like finding a pearl in the ocean.

Initially, on social media platforms like Fb, Instagram, reaching out to people was so easy. The organic reach of these platforms was higher in the early days.

Today businesses pay money to appear on the top of the search result, which is why the organic reach of social media platforms is dying steadily.

The first thing about Linkedin is, it helps your profile to feature in the search result automatically, which might have bigger chances to get a new project. Isn’t it cool!

The second thing is that, If a person searches your name on google then there are higher chances that he will get your LinkedIn profile in the search result, which can turn it into a job opportunity.

And I think 80% of people search businesses on google by their name.

Sign off

Linkedin has not gained a lot of popularity like other social media platforms. It is more professional than social.

So don’t wait for the right time… set aside and go through Linkedin to start your freelancing journey, there might be someone waiting for your service!.

Happy reading…



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