7 Reasons Why Digital Marketers need to start a podcast right now!

An article published in Forbes suggests that 60% of podcast listening is done at home; adoption was specially recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the latest Infinite Dial survey from Edison One and Triton Digital, in 2020, 37% of Americans (age 12+) listen to at least one podcast each month, up from 32% in 2019.

The continued growth of podcast listening is expected. In 2020, an estimated 100 million people will listen to a podcast each month, and it’s expected to reach 125 million in 2022.

For marketers, audio content has been remarkable in holding the hands of their audience and eventually converting them into potential customers.

As a digital marketer, everyone wants to become the market leader in their own niches. However, many of them are on Youtube, Insta, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Why not on a podcasting platform?

Because it is not too famous right now!

If yes!

Then why do Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vee have millions of listeners and downloads on their podcasts?

Starting a podcast can give you an angle of authenticity with your audiences. By which you can create an impact in your niche (industry).

Here are some reasons which force you to start your podcast right now!

1. To build a strong personal brand

Don’t you feel sometimes reading blogs, books, and seeing images can be a boring process than consuming content through audio?

I think listening to audio is much easier and better than reading. Don’t you!

The audience gets deeply connected to us through our voice rather than reading. And eventually, we can create an impact in the digital space to establish our brand.

Even if your user is driving a car, your podcast can strike their emotion through your voice.

Your voice makes an authentic connection with the audience, which helps to build you a strong personal brand.

Wherever your audience listens to your voice, it makes them recall your brand in their mind.

Pat Flynn and Gary Vee are the perfect examples of building a personal brand through podcasts in the digital marketing space.

2. Easy to start

Just a smartphone, a little bit of internet, and some knowledge about our topic which you’re gonna record and of course consistency too, nothing else.

Recording a podcast is a lot easier than recording a video or writing a blog.

One thing that is more interesting about a podcast is that you don’t have to show your face, you have to just record your voice. We get more leverage in terms of audio.

I often see some people who are too shy to express their thoughts to their audiences. Podcasts can be a sweet spot for such people to start with.

Ok, you might be thinking, what is the budget to start a podcast?

Let me tell you, a platform like Anchor.FM provides you free hosting to host your podcast. You have just created your account and started recording.

And the good news is that it also distributes your podcast on various other famous audio listing platforms like Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, Buzzsprout, etc.

Here, you have to just record valuable content in the form of audio, and it will automatically be maintained on the internet.

Sounds good. So why not start a podcast!

3. Less competition

Moreover, 30% of the audience is not aware of podcasting. In the past couple of years, the video platform has experienced rapid growth.

Today the audience to listen to a podcast is less as compared with YouTube and other video streaming platforms.

It’s a big opportunity to start a podcast so that you can get more leverage to stand out in your niche industry. Ultimately, you can grow much faster than your competitor.

Let’s take an example of youtube: Suppose you start a youtube channel right now and want to grow it.

Initially, you have to face huge competition to grow your channel. But in the case of your podcast show, it gets more comfortable right now to stand in the market.

But as the podcasting platform gets saturated, it will get so hard to survive in this industry. Less competition, faster growth.

4. Audience Retain Time

Marketers are struggling to grab the attention of their targeted consumers.

The audience retention span had declined due to this social and digital evolution in this internet web. Within a click, one can move to another topic within a sec.

When we listen to someone we feel that we are connected to someone, who knows about our field and can help us. It feels personal when we listen to anyone’s voice.

If we look at youtube, when a user plays a video and starts watching it a bit, he will start scrolling other videos.

And after a while, he will find a comedy video, and then what? You know already!

He will skip the ongoing video and start watching the comedy video. And again, youtube recommends the next video, and the process goes on and on…

Youtube has a robust algorithm. It gathers information on your past video history and shows you videos according to your interests.

And eventually, your audiences will lose their valuable time in endless scrolling. Same in the case of Instagram and other social media platforms.

Podcasts don’t have such a distraction. Your user will search your name in the search bar and directly land on your podcast, that’s it!

Here users are more likely to stay in one place compared to other social platforms. The chances of retaining your audiences are higher.

Suppose your podcast is for 20 min, and someone is listening to you for 20 min then you have eventually won the game.

Because 20 min audience retention time is a sweet spot in this digital space. And if users listen to the audio through their earphones, the chances of distraction are lesser.

5. Networking

As your podcast grows, you will start getting invited on other podcasting shows, as guests to provide more value to their audience. And side by side, you will build a network with the new people in your industry.

By doing such interviews you will get more leverage to connect with big players in the market through the podcast, and steadily you will be recognized by a big chunk of the audience.

Every person you interviewed will become your good friend and their audience too, and you might work on the same project. It is said, “Your Network is Your Net Worth.” Just start collaborating with others, and you will get more benefits to grow in your industry.

6. Monetization

Here is good news for Podcasters! you can start making money through your voice.

Yes, you heard it right!

Pat Flynn makes more than 6 figures of income through his podcast, doesn’t it seem good, that someone is paying money for your voice! Pat’s podcast is on passive income ideas and has been downloaded over 60+ million times.

On the other hand, you can promote your own product, course, consulting call, e-book, and get a good source of income.

Although you can do affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products, your audience will buy a product through your link, and you will generate a handsome commission for that product.

7. Podcast as a Fun

At last, enjoying the process is fun.

If you are doing something which you hate then what’s the matter of doing that work?

Hosting a podcast is fun for me. I planned my podcast on my calendar, and after finishing the podcast according to plan, I get a kind of happiness and more excited to record a new podcast with more fun.

Looking at my podcast analytics, I get a clear picture of what my pain points are and where I need to grow.

Tracking my data through the analysts gives me more leverage to figure out my mistake within time.

Signing off

I think you have made up your mind to start your podcast.

Isn’t it a good time to start a podcast!

Perfect time never comes. The perfect time is right now, don’t worry about the challenges you will face while growing the podcast, just put in your hard work, consistency, and little bits of patience.

Let’s take a step to start your new Digital Journey.

Happy reading…




B2C and B2B Freelances Content Writer|| Blog writer|| Article writer || Researcher

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Pratapsingh Tomar

Pratapsingh Tomar

B2C and B2B Freelances Content Writer|| Blog writer|| Article writer || Researcher

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